Born Pretty Store's Mermaid Nail Charm

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This summer I was hardcore mermaid obsessed. I bought mermiad shirts, took selfies with giant mermaid statues… if it was a lady with a fish tail, I was all about it! So, I knew I just had to get these mermaid nail charms from Born Pretty Store. They're super shiny gold and a good size for fitting on a nail. The silhouette shape is lovely. too. The one downside to these is that they don't curve like the directions show. I thought they'd be a thicker metal charm, but really they just feel like plastic confetti. Therefore they don't sit flat against the curve of the nail (even with nail glue)… particularly on her knee and fin region (you can see some lifting in the pictures). It really made wearing these difficult because the fins would be sharp against skin and her knees would rip off if they snagged against something. It's such a shame, especially since these mermaids are gorgeous and look really expensive when applied!

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