Swatch & Comparison: Zoya's Alegra vs. OPI's The One That Got Away

Need a nice pink for Valentine's Day? Here's my second Zoya freebie from their 3-free giveaway, Alegra. Thanks, Zoya!

I'd say Alegra is Gilda's sister... but the cooler, sassier sister who packs a punch. This pink is super glittery and vibrant!

And for comparison's sake here's Alegra against OPI's The One That Got Away (Katy Perry Collection). The only real difference between the two is that The One That Got Away is blue-based while Alegra is red based. They're pretty much the same externally besides that. So I guess the main thing is to decide which looks better on your skin--blue-based tones or red-based tones?

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  1. I think youve officially sold me on Alegra love it. you should check out my blog id appriciate it thanks.