Noel Fielding Inspired Mani

I've been out of The Mighty Boosh's fandom-loop for a while now (but I didn't lose the love, y'all), so when I ran across Noel Fielding's new art book The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton, I first, tried to buy it (darn you, pre-order!), but then just decided to look up his more recent work. He's been doing book signings in the UK where he paints a giant canvass with his surreal and whimsy images in front of fans. It's brilliant.

Here are my less colorful interpretations of his latest collection:

You can learn more about Noel, his art, and The Mighty Boosh at The Velvet Onion. You can view and buy his work at Hooligan Art Dealer.
BTW, this isn't an advert, I'm just a fan.


  1. this is my FAV nail art ive ever seen!!! your really good!! dont you just LOVE noel?!?!?! hes so funny, sexy and AMAZING at art!! ((the PERFECT person! hehe!)) Him and andy warhol are the best artists EVER!!! im sooo going to do this on my nails next!! thanks for the idea! xx :P

  2. @millymouse993 Thanks! Yes, Noel is amazing! Stay tuned for a Luxury Comedy (roughly) inspired mani. I'll try to keep more Noel-y posts coming!