Zoya's Sooki vs. America

Let's play a game called "Spot Sooki". One of these nails is painted with Sooki, the others with America.

Can you tell which one is Sooki? It's the ring finger. Yeah, I can barely tell a difference either, except Sooki is every so slightly darker than America. If you were a neurotically season-conscious polish-wearer, I would use America in the summer and Sooki in the winter, but it's not like anyone would care if you didn't.

So, should you buy both? No, but if you already have one of the two and it's running on empty and you can get the other as a freebie, it's a good replacement option.


  1. Which one do you suggest? I love the colour

    1. It all comes down to personal preference... I'm partial to Sooki because it's a little more punk but can still be dressed up... but they're so close in color that it's hard to recommend one over the other! Luckily Zoya has those color spoon samples available to order to test against your skin tone!