Minx's Blue Lightning

This is one I've been sitting on for a while, but since we're in the heat of summer I thought this uber-vibrant color was perfect! Here's a set that was gifted to me by a very awesome person:

Blue Lightning is very... well, blue! It's basically a Tardis blue (in certain lighting) that gives off major superhero vibes. Going to a comic con? Wear this Minx! In real life, this design is much glossier than what the picture shows.

I've been learning how to stretch the Minx over the tips of the nails to avoid wrinkles, and I'm getting better!  It's easier on wider, flatter nails. The ones on my big toes are perfect and look flawless (not to toot my own horn there!).

Fun note on how "Wow!" these look: I was giving an order at a carry-out place and when I had my hands up to pull money out of my wallet these Minx literally wiped the girl behind the counter's mind. She said, "WHOA ARE THOSE METALLIC?" and we got to briefly talking about Minx... and then she had to take my order all over again because she was so psyched about my nails. I love reactions like that!

**Please note that this Minx design was applied by a non-professional (me) using non-professional tools (hairdryer)!

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