Share The Love--Zoya Style!

Zoya has a new rewards program called Share The Love, which to me, seems like an easy way to earn some good Karma/universe points with your first Zoya order. Basically, if you're making your first Zoya order and don't yet have an account, click the link below and make an account, then (I think) without closing your browser window, place your Zoya order. Easy peasy... and you'll be helping my blog by helping this broke blogger get some Zoya!

Here's the link to click and create/order with:

And I know it's a long shot, but if you do use the link above, I thank you from the cockles of my heart! Now, back to blogging!

EDIT: A huge THANK YOU to the person who got me 100 points!

If I get to 1000 points I can get a Beach or Surf Collection sampler (with 2000 I can get both!), which duh, I will totes swatch for you guys... but only in the month of April, so if you were wanting to buy from Zoya, now's the time!

EDIT TAKE TWO: You get a $5 coupon free bottle of polish to use on your first order if you set up an account with my link above! Go here for official details.


  1. sorry.
    At this time Art of Beauty does not ship "Consumer" or "Salon" Orders outside the Continental USA.

    :-( good luck though!

  2. @kakuidori Hey, you're awesome for even trying to do it! I didn't know that Zoya doesn't ship outside the U.S. That sucks!