I started this blog as a result of my nail art, cosmetics, and style obsessions. Friends would always ask me questions and would want to see my nails whenever they encountered me, so in accordance with my compulsion for preserving personal histories, I decided to post all of my manicures on this blog. 

I'm a 20-something, college grad in desperate need of a creative outlet or two... or three! I'm a DIYer, television nerd, and cat-lady in training.

Are you paid to do this? Are you sponsored or something?
Unless otherwise noted, I've purchased everything myself (or gotten them as gifts from friends and family). I'd love to review new products so if you want me to review yours just email me at calligiv [at]

I'm definitely not paid (but if you would like to pay me, that'd be cool) and at this point I only have a few sponsored posts (those posts will mention that the products were sent to me at the bottom of the post).

Do you offer space to advertisers?
Yes! Email me and we'll set something up. I also may be interested in trading advertising slots if you also have a blog or website.

Can I post one of your pictures to Tumblr/Pinterest/some other blog?
Sure, but I'd appreciate it if you sourced/linked to the specific post (click the post title to get the link) the picture came from and leave a comment or shoot me an email with where you posted my picture so I can see what feedback others are giving. 

That helps me improve this blog because it tells me what people are loving or hating, and I can adjust what I do to the statistics I receive from people clicking the source link.

What's with the annoying watermarks all over your pictures?
I feel your pain. I hate them too, but it sucks to see your picture with your non-obtrusive watermark conveniently cropped out and posted on someone else's website with no link or credit to your website... which I've seen happen to my content. And it sucks.

Who designed your blog? What's your photography setup?
I do all the graphics for my blog (excluding some in the advert section on the left side)--It's a result of a long-time hobby.
I use a Nikon D5100.

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