Ikat Print Nails

I am loving me some Ikat... and it doesn't hurt that when applying this pattern to the nails that messy = a-okay!

These are done on a red base, followed by big black spots done with a nail art skinny brush, small white spots on top of that done with a skinny brush, an even smaller blob of grey on top of the white, and then a few teeny black dots in the center of it all.

Keys for a Successful Pattern (of any kind) on Nails:
  • Keep the pattern the same size on each nail regardless of the size of the nail. 
    • You can see I fell victim to this on my left hand's pinky where the center spot is smaller than the neighboring nail's dots.
  • Go off the edges. 
    • A border of your base color around each nail is probably going to be a dead giveaway that something's off with your pattern.
  • Avoid sticking to the center. 
    • Ex. If your pattern is polka dots, avoid constantly putting a dot in the center of each nail and basing your pattern off of that placement. This rule harks back to the previous one--don't be afraid of your pattern falling off the edge of your nail.