Zoya's Remove +

In order to qualify for a Zoya promo, I added this small bottle of Remove + to my cart on a whim. When you first encounter it you'll notice that it has a cute bottle that's not weirdly shaped like others which take up room in storage while not itself utilizing the space it takes up. My first impression upon opening is that Remove + smells so nice... almost like a high-end hair salon. You can still smell that underlying acetone smell, but it's not nearly as gross as other scented polish removers. For the size of the bottle I expected the quality of the remover to be extra strong... but it's not. It's self-described as "mild" and that's pretty much the best description of it. It took a while to remove the polish on my nails, but afterwards I could tell that my nails didn't seem so stripped of moisture.

I think Remove + is ideal for people who would really want to take care of and not damage their nails, so if flaking or brittleness is a problem for you, I would totally check it out. However, if that's not a priority for you and you just want to get the job done, I'd stick with a drugstore brand.

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