Geronimo! Doctor Who Nails!

Hello, Whovians! The time of Doctor Who is upon us and I am loving every second of it! I wanted to create the feeling of the Tardis, The Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River floating in space so I put their teeny-tiny heads (each under one square centimeter) over one coat of OPI's Last Friday Night (in retrospect, I should have done another coat). It has the effect of some gel nails I've seen with objects floating in the gel, but LFN gives a flash of blue and glitter for that cosmic look.

To do this you:
  1. Paint your base
  2. Apply the image (printed from a computer or ripped from a magazine, etc.) while the paint is still wet
  3. Hold the image down to get it to stick as best as you can (this may take a while)
  4. Apply a thick top coat, and possibly another layer of top coat