Paint Splatter Mani

Here's a rundown of how to get these splatters: Paint your base color. Get a fairly narrow straw (clean) and dip it into your polish. Shorter straws worked better for me, just don't inhale the fumes from the polish. It doesn't have to be dramatically submerged, just enough so that there's polish on the straw (with a bit of excess). Place the straw over your nail (just in case, group two or three nails together to catch any splatters that may go rogue) and blow into the clean side of the straw with force... like the force of a sneeze, quick and fast! If it works correctly, you should have a splatter. The dark underbelly to this technique is that it's unpredictably messy. Lay out paper towels or newspaper all around to catch excess splatter. It wouldn't hurt to fashion a bib out of a paper towel to protect your clothes either.

Unrelated Note: Thanks to the blog reader in Oklahoma who used my Zoya "Share the Love" referral link! You're awesome!


  1. very cool! great tip about the paper towel to protect your clothes - will have to keep this in mind when i try :)