New Things! Snazzy Things! Announcement Things!

First of all, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to my new readers and followers! It's crazy to think that you guys are actually taking minutes of your life to read my ramblings, so, I thank you all!

Second, the blog has a new look! The color scheme is still the same, but it's just jazzier overall. Hope you like!

Third, new watermarks are going to be used starting in the next post. I used to have a single watermark over my images but recently I discovered that some people were cropping my images to eliminate the watermark and then using that cropped picture on their own sites. Shady, right? C'mon people, I recognize my stubby little fingers when I see them so don't pull stunts like that!

I'm all for sharing content on the internet, so if you want to share something of mine please include a source link (for this blog, that'd be a link to the post that the image was found in...click the title of the post to get the link). Also, please comment with where you've shared my image so I can see what others are saying! Both of these things help me improve this blog because it shows me what you guys, the readers, want or don't want to see.

Welp, that's all for now! Make sure to comment if you have a question... or a comment!


  1. sorry to hear people are doing this to you, maybe i should learn how to watermark my pics, too... seriously i love the idea of sharing pics but why not just tell where you got them from, does not hurt i guess.

  2. @kakuidori Always safer to watermark--you never know where your content might end up!