Fruits, No Veg

I've been wanting to use Fimo fruit slices for a while so I broke down and eBayed some which turned out to be a great decision. I love 3D nail art, and this is no exception.

OPI's Rumples Wiggin' with Seche Vite top coat. Piled somewhat on top of each other are grapefruit (half), dragon fruit (half), strawberry, and apple slices. Later, I added half an orange slice to each of the ring fingers (top corner closets to the finger with the fruit) to tie it all together.

Apply the fruit the same way you would rhinestones. For larger slices it would be best to bend them in the shape of your nail so they lie flat.

Strawberries! Nicole by OPI's Really Really Red with CM Nail Art's yellow and metallic green as the seeds and leaves (Seche Vite top coat).

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