Sheer Blue Water Marble

Recently, I wanted some funky nails that were cute, summery, and easy. I pulled together a quick water marble, which surprisingly worked this time (I've had many, many failed attempts recently). This time I didn't marble over an existing coat of polish. Instead I just applied it to my bare nails which gives it a delicate, beachy vibe. The bad thing is that when you don't marble over an existing color, any gaps or bubbles in the marbled polish looks like chipping.

Overall, I love it. I really love the thick stripes that happened on my left hand... I wish I could get that every time!


  1. Yay for this attempt! :) You're getting better at it, I'm glad!

  2. love it! looks so light and fresh


  3. @CriminalNails Yay back atcha!
    @kakuidori Thanks! "Fresh", yes! Such a good word to describe this!