ELF Eyeshadow Brush, Eyelash Curler, & Waterproof Eyeliner

ELF has released a line of python-printed tools that are a-dorable! I got mine at Target where they also had different colored python prints, but I settled with the teal. I grabbed an eyeshadow brush and and eyelash curler, both of which are great tools.

While I was there I purchased a black waterproof eyeliner (also by ELF). I am in uber-love with this eyeliner. It's felt-tipped and so easy to apply. At first it seemed like it was dried out, but with more use the "ink" was more fluid and intense in color. The felt tip makes it super easy to stay close to the lashes, which was my problem with my previous pencil eyeliner because I like a thin line of liner and that looks weird with a gap of flesh between lashes and liner. And for the low, low price (a buck)? Amazing!

Note: There is zero makeup on my eye except for the eyeliner.
Stay tuned this weekend for a waterproof eyeliner color comparison!

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