Nail Rock's Jade Quail Nail Wraps

Nail Rock has officially invaded the U.S. because I found these at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart. Remember when I had to order Nail Rock from the UK and getting nail wraps through customs took weeks? Anyways, I picked up the Jade Quail pattern because it's uber-trendy and great for summer.
You apply these just like all other brand nail wraps (ex. Sally Hansen Salon Effects, Incoco, OMG Nail Strips), and just like most of the other non-polish strips these don't have enough "stick". Despite correct application and even the use of heat these just don't stay down at the edges. I'm starting to think that wraps that aren't made of polish (Sally Hansen, Incoco) are hopeless when it comes to a smooth application (Minx excluded). I will say, however, that this "formula" of Nail Rock is much better than their previous paper-like formula.

So would I buy these again? No, not unless they were on clearance and I knew I could chop up a pattern for other nail art uses.

Check out the captions below for more info:

Great color, great pattern, bad "stick"

They look really cool from far away!

But up close you see the wrinkles :(

Some are even lifting up at the cuticles
EDIT: These came off in the shower the night of application. They couldn't withstand my hair washing. I'm going to try to salvage the scraps to repurpose them.

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