Hot Mess

Oh my. I tried to recreate one of WAH Nails' famous tribal designs and failed miserably.

Lime, sky blue, dark blue, and purple all from OPI's Shrek Forever After Collection 2010. White, navy, red, and pink from CM Nail Art's kit. Studs and clear buttons from a Nailene nail art sticker set.

Here's where I went wrong:

  • Using white by the cuticle--it didn't define the start of the nail
  • Using light colors (white, pink, sky blue) on a light base color
  • While I love the metal studs, the sticker base on the studs and buttons was far too large and it warped the polish because it was still mildly fresh. I do wish that Nailene sold just a set of the metal studs, because the amount that came in the pack was not nearly enough!
  • Sloppy application--I was quickly in over my head because I didn't practice beforehand with the nail art brushes, and it shows.
So, because I couldn't stand it for even a day, I removed this mess and started over:

Good old Konad m57! OPI's Who the Shrek Are You? with white Konad Special Polish as the stripes. It has a total Lilly Pulitzer vibe, and this is one of my most complimented manicures. Konad saves the day once again!

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