My First Request: WAH's Comic Book

One of my #1 fans, Heather, sent in a WAH Nails design for me to do,

and since I love the merger of comic book geek and uber-girly, I just had to try it! I opted not to do the tribal nail (see previous post for why this still stings), the plain word nails, or the lips (I think I'll save this for later), and instead opt for the Batman-style action bubbles.

Here's my rendition:

It figures I would take such awful pictures for one of my favorite manicures!

China Glaze's Sugar High (Up & Away Collection, Spring 2010) as the base with CM Nail Art's white and black. I freehanded everything (and I did it veryyy slowly). I definitely recommend using nail art-specific bottles with skinny brushes for this unless you're some kind of magic-(wo)man.

Included on my nails is a reference to Bif Bang Pow! who makes the line of Venture Bros. toys and bobble heads that I so desperately need in my life! In related news, stay tuned for a Team Venture mani in a few weeks.

Thanks Heather for the request!

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