Zoya Spoons: Sparkle Collection

My six free Zoya spoons came today! I picked all of mine from the Sparkle Collection because they all seemed glitzy and girly and I'm a little neurotic about having complete sets.

They come in this nifty little envelope:

They're about 3 inches long each. Zoya says it's real polish on the spoons, and I believe them. Other brands' polish sample pieces don't look like real polish, but when you flip Zoya's over you can see the layer of polish on the spoon.

In order from left to right: Ivanka, Gilda, Nidhi, Charla, Alegra, Mimi

According to the spoon, Charla looks like a dupe of Orly's Halley's Comet (Cosmic FX).

I am in love with the pinks in this collection! I'll probably get Gilda, one of the other two pinks, and Mimi during their 3 free offer in January.

Anyone else get their spoons? Share them in the comments!

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