CVS Expedition: Nail Aisle

I went to CVS today to pick up some medicine (isn't living in the "Allergy Belt" just swell?) so I made the brave decision to wade through the sick people on an expedition to the nail aisle. I make my sacrifices for you, my loyal (and many new) readers!

Here are the notable things I could find without being sneezed on:

DIY gel polish:
Has anyone tried this? It looks like a good idea. Comment if you've tried it... I'd love to hear about how it went!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Easter & Valentine's designs:

How cute are the Easter chicks (left)?! I may have to shell out for these before they're all gone. There were only a few Valentine's designs visible because the non-Easter display was a hot mess, but the ones I saw were pretty adorable.

And finally, WHAT THE WHAT, Nail Rock:

Okay, my first experience with Nail Rock was not great. I guess it was the first generation of the product, which was made out of a completely different material (more paper-like) that was pretty difficult to apply. I also had to order them from the UK and they subsequently got lost and delayed at customs... which is awesome, oh and expensive. Now, they're made of a vinyl-like material and they're available down the road from my house. What.
The designs are cute, and the updated version looks identical to my old version. I'm really tempted to go back and get a set. Has anyone tried the new generation Nail Rock?

Oh CVS, you're a place of nail wonders. I'll be going back soon!

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