KKCenterHK's N.NAIL Square Gold Studs (4mm)

Here's a new goodie from KKCenterHK: N.Nail's 4mm square gold studs! I've been wanting to try studs for a long time, so I was super psyched to get these and exercise my inner-punk for a while. Plus, I'm really into the pairing of black and gold at the moment, so this was extra indulge-y.

I glued these onto a matte black (OPI's Obscurity). My gluing method was an absolute mess. I held the stud with tweezers and applied the glue to the stud, but of course the glue would dry super quick against the tweezer and stick to it and not the nail. It's much easier to just balance the stud on the pad of a finger and carefully glue/place it that way.

My nails are very curved, so the flatness and unwillingness of the studs to bend resulted in a quick removal of the single studs and a reassessment of my studding methods. I rethought my plan and came up with a new method of stud placement: After gluing the studs to the nail, apply nail glue around the stud to fill in the empty gap between nail and stud edge. After this gap is filled, paint over the glue with your base color and then top coat everything. This is a much more secure method and I'm no longer snagging my clothes and hair with the sharp stud corners.

And for those wondering, "Is this not girly enough for me?" I will say that I had one of the middle school girls I volunteer with stop me and say, "They're so pretty!". Yes, "pretty" coming from a girl in one of the most pretty-conscious parts of her life. So fear no more, because these are gorgeous!

  • Look amazing
  • Don't discolor with light use of acetone
  • Made well, not flimsy or cheap feeling

  • Hard to bend (I could only bend them at the edges and not in the middle)
  • Sharp corners (if you can't get them to lay flush with the nail)
  • Easily scratched on the surface

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**This product sent to me by KKCenterHK. This is my honest, unbiased review.

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