I'm one of those people who splurges on nice clothes, wears them once to events, and then keeps them forever despite no longer wanting or having a use for them and can't bare to trash them. What's a girl to do with this conundrum? Luckily, Poshmark has the solution. It's like Etsy (minus the crafts aspect), but for clothes and accessories. It's so easy to use: You list your item and your price, someone buys it (Poshmark handles all the money to keep buyer and seller safe), Poshmark emails you a shipping label, you slap the label on a box and drop it off at the Post Office. Easy peasy! I haven't purchased anything from anyone yet (I'm in purge-only mode), but it seems to be a great place for deals!

  • Crazy easy to use, you get to clean out your closet and make money
  • Great way to get rid of gifts from exes
  • Everything works from apps on iPhones and iPads (Android coming soon, some aspects work on their website)
  • Poshmark takes 20% of your profit
  • Some people want to haggle/trade/take transactions off-site which is annoying
  • You have to be careful when picking sellers to buy from

If you download the free app, sign up with this code to get $5 in shopping credit: HVQGG

The Cornetto Trilogy
I'll spare you the explanation of why these three movies are called the Cornetto Trilogy and skip to the lovin'. I love everything about these movies: the casts, the director, the plots, scripts, soundtracks... it's all brilliant. Be on the lookout for my favorite, a buddy cop/mystery/action/comedy called Hot Fuzz, on TV as promotion for The World's End.

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown
It's often a silly dream that people have where their favorite shoes crossover (SuperWhoLock anyone?), but Channel 4 in the UK made it happen for real. 8 Out of 10 Cats is a comedy panel show (hilarious) and Countdown is a number and word puzzle-like game (a fun challenge). In a sweeps-style event, these shows combined as a one-off kind of deal with comedians and celebs playing the game usually reserved for regular folks, but it was so successful that they got a whole season of shows. It's wickedly funny and it's fun to play along with. Check it out here if you're a UK resident or if you're in the US you can find it on other sites that people post videos *ahem* see where I'm going with this?

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