So Girlie: Hello Kitty & 3D Flowers

I'm still waiting for my Nail Rock nail wraps to arrive (so excited!), so I've been keeping myself busy...

Three coats of China Glaze's Something Sweet (pink), four coats of OPI's Alpine Snow (white), and CM Nail Art's pink, black, and yellow for the Hello Kitty face.

I'm a Hello Kitty purist, so I'm disappointed with my execution of the ring finger. The eyes are far too close together. I'm thinking I should have nixed the whiskers (since I never do those well) because I was worried about fitting both the eyes and whiskers along the same line, which is essential to do a proper HK.

I got the flower on eBay (from a store in China) for super cheap as a part of a multi-color set. They're rubbery so they can bend with the nail. When I've used the flowers in the past I would embed them in a few still-wet coats of color. They'd pop off pretty soon after that even though I'd put a top coat on. This time I waited until the pink and a top coat dried, and hours later I placed a patch of top coat where I wanted the flower and placed it on top (and held it down for a few minutes). I put another top coat on after that. Hopefully it stays this time!

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