Extra! Extra! Read All About My Nails!

This is probably the craziest mani I've ever done, and yes that is real newspaper.

I started with a regular polish mani with OPI's Papua Pink Pearl (seen on thumb), a fairly sheer, pink-tinted pearly white. Alas, this was too boring for me so I decided to jazz it up. I ripped some newspaper and partially covered my thumb as an experiment, and it worked! After the successful trial run with half of my thumb I went whole-hog and covered the rest of my nails. As you can see, my application improved over time (from index to pinky).

This may look involved, but it's actually shockingly easy to do:

  1. Find a page or small segment of the newspaper that has writing on one side and no images on the other (words are okay).
  2. Cut a part out that mirrors your cuticle edge and sides of your nail. It does not have to be the same length to cover the whole nail--it can be longer.
  3. Apply a base coat and press the newspaper clipping on top and hold it down. Make sure the edges stay down. This is the longest part of the process. Keep an eye on it so it stays in place and doesn't peel up.
  4. Once the newspaper has dried on, take a nail file and file downward perpendicularly to trim off the excess length of newspaper (this will match it to the nail edge exactly).
  5. Apply a top coat and let it dry. If your topcoat reacts the same way mine did (Seche Vite), it will pretty much be absorbed by the newspaper. Don't worry, just apply another top coat afterwards (and maybe even another).
That's it!

Bonus tip: I buffed my nails beforehand because my nails have a lot of severe ridges. This may have helped prevent wrinkles, but I'm not sure--just a thought.

P.S. Welcome ONTDers!

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  1. very cute idea...definitely going to try is this weekend