Learn It, Live It!: Phone Pics

This post starts a series of little facts and easy bits of know-how that will make your life better in tiny ways (they'll also make you look super awesome at life!). Remember, small things add up!

How to take a good picture or video with your phone and get it off your phone in full-resolution
True Story: I know a person who met Shaq and her boyfriend took a picture of them. Flippin' Shaq! The resulting picture is a blur of two objects that vaguely look like people. You can only believe that the other person in the picture is Shaq because he's so tall. Don't be like this girl's boyfriend and learn how to take a good picture with your phone: How to take a good picture

Learn how to take decent video, too. No one wants to get motion sickness while watching a cute video of your cat: How to shoot better video with your iPhone

When it comes to preserving digital memories, you have to get that stuff off your phone in high-resolution. Instagram-quality will not last over the ages!
How to download videos and pictures from your iPhone in high-resolution

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