KKCenterHK's ANE-NAIL Pink Gradient Transfer Sticker Decals

Alright, I have to start this post with a simple statement: These nail decals from KKCenterHK are right up my alley! They're a little confusing to use and apply, but once you jump that hurdle the end result is awesome.

Basically, the process of applying these is what you would do with a water decal but it's a little harder since these cover the entire nail. They don't really stick to your nail... which may be my fault, but the instructions weren't entirely clear. However, if you hold them down and heat them up with your fingers they will conform to your nail enough to get a top coat on them. I wasn't able to stretch the wrinkles out of them due to their non-stickiness, but that's not too noticeable.

I imagine if you had longer nails, the gradient effect would be more obvious and dramatic, but it still looks pretty awesome on short nails. The subtle change from pink to purple has a nice pop to it. Someone who has seen all of my water decal nails told me that this was her favorite design by far because it's subtle but it still has an edginess to it. You could totally get away with these in a stuffy, professional environment. When you look at these in person, you go through three phases of "Huh, those nails have something goin' on". Phase 1 (the quick glance): "They look pink, but they have a unique depth to them". Phase 2 (a longer look): "Wait a minute, those nails are two different colors". Phase 3: Mind blown. I can't get over how much I love how these look--pictures do them NO justice!

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**This product sent to me by KKCenterHK. This is my honest, unbiased review.

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