KKCenterHK's BLUESEA Water Drop Shaped Watermelon 3D Decoration

I don't know why anyone would want watermelons in the shape of water drops, but they're adorable... so I'm into it! You can get these cuties at KKCenterHK. Two come in a pack--they're small, but not micro-sized. I attached mine with nail glue (easy) and filled the gaps between the nail (which is curved) and decoration (which has a flat back) in with more glue (also easy). I've had one on my thumb nail for a few days without issue. The tear drop itself is a high quality plastic so it's sturdy and not snagging on things or peeling up. These are pretty darn precious and leave the door open for a lot of possibilities--You could go wild with a summer or watermelon-themed design or keep it simple like I did and just put one on a basic red base.

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**This product sent to me by KKCenterHK. This is my honest, unbiased review.

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