Learn It, Live It!: Perler Beads to the Rescue

Both of these fixes are done by making a single slice into a perler bead (don't cut the whole thing in half).

Ring Resizers
I have half-size fingers. Size six and a half, that is. So, buying rings off the shelf is a big ol' pain because they never fit right and they slip right off. What's a girl to do? Slice open some perler beads! I needed two for my beloved Hello Kitty ring (I'm a child, I know) to account for the beads sliding around a bit. This works like a charm because it makes my ring fit comfortably and it was a super cheap fix. Plus, you don't even see the beads when looking at the top of my hand.

See the slice in each bead?

iPhone Cord Identifiers
Have a house full of iPhone chargers? Pop a few perler beads around the cord. It's also handy for holding together cords that have split open.

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