Born Pretty Store's Black & White Arrowhead Pattern Nail Art Stickers (YB-Q144)

I love a good nail wrap, and boy are these good! These Black & White Arrowhead Pattern Nail Art Stickers from Born Pretty Store (check out a coupon at the end of this post!) take the best qualities of all the nail wraps out there and put them into one awesome wrap.

When I unwrapped these, I noticed that they weren't sealed in an airtight-packet so I began to think that these wraps would be useless since most unsealed nail wraps are thick and stiff and therefore wrinkle and snag. Luckily I was totally wrong! These are very thin and stretchy--I'd say for comparison they feel most like Incoco's or Sally Hansen's wraps. They were super quick and easy to apply, and would have been quicker had I not taken the time to trim them to fit my nail bed better. You can even top coat these (see last pic)! My quick drying top coat caused a minimal amount of shrinkage and wrinkling, but I really can't complain since it doesn't affect their functionality.

The tribal pattern on these is super cute and trendy (and I didn't even use the full range of designs), and there's a nice coat of subtle glitter to give it some pizazz.

EDIT: I just discovered that these are glow in the dark! Bonus!

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Plus, they already offer fast, free worldwide shipping, so it's double awesome. Have a look around their store because you're going to find something really cool with a great price!

Born Pretty Store Coupon for TornadoCalli Readers

**This product sent to me by Born Pretty Store. This is my honest, unbiased review.

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