Review: OMG Nail Polish Strips - Diamonds

Another nail polish strip has his the market, folks! These are OMG Nail Strips in Diamonds:

Honesty time, people: I did not really have high expectations for this product. These weren't sealed in an air-tight fashion like Incoco's and Sally Hansen's nail strips, and the packaging (even though it's beta packaging) was lackluster both in design and effectiveness in communicating information. Yes, I judged a book wrongly by its cover.

Pre-shower, no topcoats
These apply just like Incoco and Sally Hansen strips. I didn't have any problems with sizing against my nail beds (there are 7 options), but I did wish that these were double-sided to fit different nail bed shapes. When finished, I hardly had any wrinkles and these were super shiny--almost like I had put a top coat on them--and they looked really great... until I took a shower. For the final application step the packaging said,
"Carry out UV seal against the nail sticker according to personal requirements"
Translation anyone? Does this mean a UV topcoat (which I and most people don't have at home)? And what does "according to personal requirements" mean? I'll tell you what it means. It means I didn't put any type of top coat on these before I took a shower, therefore causing the strips to roll up along the edges of the nails. This was a serious bummer because my nails looked GREAT before I took a shower!

So I got out, broke out the nail glue and secured some of the bad tips that were still wrinkled, but most had gone back to their original place and dried fairly securely. As a precaution, and because I wanted to preserve how awesome these looked, I put a drugstore topcoat on followed by a coat of Seche (the combo of topcoats to try to prevent the Seche from pulling the strips up at the edges). The topcoats created a bit of image distortion on some nails, but you only really notice it if you're scrutinizing each nail.

Post-shower + topcoats. Damage at cuticles caused by topcoat pulling.

So where do these fit in compared to the rest of the nail strip industry (excluding foils like Minx)?
  • They're as easy to apply as Incoco and Sally Hansen Salon Effects and they're shinier than both, but they have that initial "sticking and staying" problem that really interferes with wearability like Cailyn nail stickers. 
  • OMG nail strips are cheaper than any brand I've seen before ($4.29 + free shipping), which is great because I've thought that all other brands have been far too expensive for a one time use product. 
  • However, with cheaper product you get less of a selection of design options. OMG's are pretty traditional (well, traditional for nail art). You know, animal prints, camouflage, flowers. I'd really like to see some different eye-catching designs.
So, are these worth a purchase? Yes, but allow for time to topcoat these if you plan on showering!

**This product sent to me by OMG Nail Strips. This is my honest, unbiased review.

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