Zoya's Hot Lips in Luvie

Zoya Flash Promos, oh how I love you! I snagged one of these fo' free (it helps if you read that in a Rebel Wilson from Bridesmaids voice) in an under-100 people coupon frenzy. I took a shot in the dark when it came to picking a color because I'm somewhat conservative when it comes to lip shade but wanted to try something a little more girly, so I selected Luvie.

One tube of Zoya Hot Lips lip gloss is slightly shorter than a bottle of Zoya polish, which makes it an ideal size for purses and pockets. The gloss is so thick (it helps to warm up the tube in your pocket), which isn't helped by the tiny hole that it's supposed to squeeze out of. It also smells and tastes like old-school bubblegum, which could be a deterrent if you're not into that flavor.

Check out that shimmer when the light hits it! Luvie doesn't pack a lot of color, but it does have a lot of shimmer!

Speaking of Zoya, have you seen their new 3 free deal to start off the new year? Check it out! And use my referral link if you're going to partake!

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