Review: Sally Hansen Salon Effects in "Cut It Out"

I am loving this new foray by manufacturers into dry polish patterns! Incoco and Nail Rock have both expanded their lines with more patterns recently. Sally Hansen jumped in the game from almost nowhere and now has 3 dry polish options (color, glitter, patterns).

I picked out the Cut It Out pattern (black and white floral doodles) from my local CVS for $10.74 (that includes tax). Yes, the price is a little steep for what's supposed to be a one time use product, but in the end I found it to be worth it. They're just that bold and cool looking.

They're super easy to apply--it's just like the Incoco strips. The SH strips come in packs of 16 (2 sealed packs of 8 each, and each individual strip is fairly long with two different curved ends for two cuticle sizes) with a cuticle stick and a buffer/file. Since I've had some experience with dry polish I was able to save the excess filed off of one nail and use it on another nail. That way I ended up with an unopened pack of 8 to use again later.

In the end, these lasted a week before I removed them. They most definitely could have lasted longer.

Overall, these are wicked awesome! I did add a top coat to give it more of a shine and to cover up the ever-so-slight and rare wrinkles. These are the thickness that I wish Nail Rock wraps would be. Thick enough to be sturdy, yet thin enough to stretch and work with. The only thing I would recommend in applying these is to not use the included file to remove the excess strip if you have short nails. Using it is too hard to file downward, perpendicular to the nail. I used my regular metal file because it gave me more control and precision, especially close to the skin.

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