Review: Incoco Dry Nail Appliqué

For the past week I have been sick and miserable, so you know what that means--a trip to Walgreens! Luckily for me, Walgreens is one of the places that carries Incoco Dry Nail Appliqué. I was always skeptical of these, but I've read some positive things on the blogosphere so for about $6 I thought I'd give them a go.

I picked the shimmer color, Flaunt. There wasn't much to choose from at my store, and in the packaging all of the colors looked a little dull and old lady-ish, but after my application I'm pretty sure that's mainly the fault of how these have to be packaged (blue tinted film over to polish, white paper underneath).

Color description from incoco.com

Here's what they look like out of the package. They also come with a nail file, cuticle stick, and removal pad. There are 2 strips of nails with 16 different sizes on each. Each side of the nail shape is slightly different. I was only unable to fit one nail fairly perfectly (a pinky), and I think I could have fit it better with a little work, but it's no big deal in the long run and I hardly notice it.

After peeling the outer strips off, you place the polish strip on the nail. If you're resourceful you can cut the excess off with scissors and save that for another nail (I managed to have a full set leftover to do my mom's nails, and I probably could have saved more had I thought ahead). File downward on the nail (perpendicular to the finger) to remove the excess polish so that it perfectly fits the edge of your nail.

Here's my finished result! This was SO easy to do. No mess, no dry time, no fuss. It's awesome. The color is great too. I'd best describe it as a shimmery raspberry. It's ever so slightly sheer in that I can see my nail line a little bit, but I don't see it enough to bother me. The end result isn't very shiny so I painted a top coat over it (not pictured) and now it looks amazing. I'll try to remember to update with how long these last.

I purchased these on my own and you can buy Incoco Dry Nail Appliqué at Walgreens or http://www.incoco.com/

UPDATE: These lasted at least a week. I probably could have gone longer, but my nails were too long and becoming a nuisance. Overall I LOVE this product (I received many compliments) and I will definitely be buying more in the future!

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