Review: Cailyn Printed Premium Nail Stickers & Top Coat

While perusing my local TJ Maxx I noticed a stack of Cailyn Printed Premium Nail Stickers sets for $8. They come in packs of two with a top coat included. There were pretty traditional, yet pretty patterns... stripes, leopard, etc. but I chose a black and white fishnet and a black and silver skull and crossbones pattern.

They apply just like Incoco and Sally Hansen Salon Effects, but Cailyn encourages the use of a top coat. Mine lasted just over 24 hours after use with Seche top coat (which may account for the cuticle edges pulling up--I repaired this with nail glue). I had better luck with applying one to my big toes and using the Cailyn top coat on those, but then again, everything lasts much longer on my toes.

The main problem with these nail stickers is that the "stick" isn't strong enough. It's hard to stretch out and correct wrinkles because they don't stick where you place them so they creep right back into the wrinkle position. They're also really easy to peel up. I had a few mishaps where I bumped my nail on something and the corner peeled up and refused to stick back down. It's a shame because the designs that Cailyn makes are really cute and unique, but they're not worth that scratchy feeling of the sticker's wrinkles and loose edges, especially at full price ($10 for a single set).


  • Lasted just over 24 hours
  • Not enough sizes (only 8) and only one curved end
  • Not sticky enough
  • Hard to get wrinkles out


  • Unique and off-beat designs
  • Can be worn with top coat (and it's encouraged)
  • Don't need to be air-tight---longer shelf life
  • Use of metallics in designs
  • Competitive Prices

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