The Walking Dead-inspired "Walker" (Zombie) Nails

The Walking Dead - AMC
Who's not obsessed with The Walking Dead nowadays? If you're going as a zombie for Halloween, you can't leave out the nails...after all, they are a Walker's #1 tool. This is a super quick way to make yourself look dead and rotting:

  1. Start with a bare nail. Got yellow nails? Who cares?! You're a zombie!
  2. Flood the cuticles with a blood-red polish.
  3. Use polish remover to confine the red polish to the cuticle edge and give it a rough look. Getting as close to the red as you can without overlapping, add a coat of a sheer nude (preferably yellow based).
  4. When it's dried, buff away to get rid of the shine without taking the color away.

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