Nail Sticker-Polish Halloween Frankenstein Hybrid

I've reviewed Cailyn Printed Premium Nail Stickers before...and let's just say that these are less than stellar. I wanted to use this print that I had for Halloween, but couldn't stand how they stay on the nail. They're super rough and wrinkly, and lift up at the cuticle edge. I rectify the problems, I created my own Frankenstein monster. I buffed off the tips of the nail stickers where the wrinkles are the worst. I then added a blackish-green gradient over the nail stickers to cover up the bare tips. This helped GREATLY. I'm no longer snagging everything I touch. The cuticle edges are still a problem, but I guess I'll just have to deal with it.
[Post-mani note: these lasted two days before I couldn't stand the loose cuticle edges anymore. I really wish these nail stickers were better because they really are cute!]



The gradient over the metallic print looks really interesting and have a nice contrast. Happy Halloween everyone!

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