Cynthia Rowley Nail Color Duo

Sometimes shopping at TJ Maxx can result in some awesome finds that I wouldn't otherwise get in my podunk town. I thought I struck gold when I spotted these Cynthia Rowley Nail Color Duos for around $5, so I grabbed the neon pink and purple pair (they don't have names) and went on my merry way.

Firstly, the colors in the duo are great. The pink is so neon that the picture above is completely inaccurate. The purple is straight-up purple, but it's on the summery side.

There are a few glaring problems with this polish duo. You know there's an issue when a polish that isn't advertised as a matte polish dries matte. This stuff dries quickly and doesn't even itself out. Even better, it chips badly in under 24 hours. Hello, poor quality!

This is really a shame because the colors are beautiful, but they're not even worth wasting top coat on.

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