Icing by Claire's Eye Makeup

I volunteer my time with a performance group, and this product was purchased by someone else as a possibility for performance makeup--the look that this person wanted was, "blue color on the eyes with sparkle [insert jazz hands]"... which is entirely plausible to assume you would get from this product, right? Wrong!

At first glance, this looks like glitter embedded in a blue powder, but really it's glitter embedded in blue gel. The gel's color doesn't transfer to skin. On the paper in the picture, I gobbed it on which is why you see the blue gel. After the "gobbing", it seemed that the gel had moisturized the paper so, I decided to let it dry so that only color and glitter were left behind... but that never happened. The wet look is caused by whatever grease is in the gel. It soaked the paper and made it oily. Gross!

I will say something positive about this product, the glitter combination is full of shine and it pretty to look at, and it does have staying power once it's on the skin (it was hard to wash off, too). However, unless you're a junior high-er going to the school dance, I'd avoid this product.

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