What is a Bun Donut?

Want one of those beautiful ballerina buns on the top of your noggin but don't have 5 extra feet of super thick hair to do it? Join the club. Luckily there is a product to make it almost too easy to get this look, a hair bun donut! Silly name? Yes. Genius product? Yes!

Pop it over your ponytail, flip your hair back over the donut, put a hair tie over and around the hair and donut, pin the excess hair. Easy!

The great thing about this one (that I purchased from a shop on Amazon), is that it's made of this grippy spongey material that holds onto the hair. This works really well for me because my hair is super fine and slick, so other donuts (like makeshift sock ones) wouldn't work for me. They also come in other colors to match different shades of hair. This is basically a perfect product, you guys.

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