Paloma Faith's VH1's Divas Manicure

Who saw VH1's Divas? I fast forwarded through most of it... that is until the amazing Paloma Faith took the stage! She was pretty much the only true "diva" (the rest were all, like, regular ol' pop artists). Have you heard Paloma's music? Amazing! Seriously, check out her albums because they're fantastic. Anyway, enough with the fangirling and on to the nails.

They're abfab, of course, and quite simple to recreate. All you need is:
  • a red base color 
  • a skinny-brushed black polish (you might be able to get away with using a black Sharpie here I tried it... it doesn't provide the pigmentation you want.)
  • a skinny-brushed gold polish OR gold Sharpie (which is what I'm using) OR a toothpick/other tool and gold polish

Start by painting your nails with your red, and if you're going to use Sharpies for this next part make sure your nails dry completely or it will ruin your paint job and your Sharpies. Draw a small gold heart in the half-moon area of your nails with your gold medium of choice and then outline it with your black polish or Sharpie. Then, outline the whole nail in black. Finally, top coat it! Now you're VH1 Diva's ready!

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