Review: OMG Nail Strips - Union Jack Nail Foil

Does Minx have a reason to be worried? Another nail foil has hit the market at a fraction of the price, but how do OMG Nail Foil Strips compare?

Here's my final verdict: I have mixed feelings about these nail foils.

Pros: These are very shiny and the design is nice (although, I wish the blue was more blue and less navy). The price is GREAT ($4.29), considering these are almost as good as Minx (~$40).

Cons: All of my nails have wrinkles... it's as if there's not a strong enough "stick" on them to stay flat at the edge of the nail. The wrinkling creates sharp, scratchy edges that drove me crazy and they started peeling up after my second shower. There's some pixellation and printing issues with the image--see how the blue overlays the silver and creates a lighter blue? There are also some yellow lines bordering the red... I don't know what that's about.

If it comes to choosing between OMG's polish strips and nail foils, I'd go with the polish strips because even if you get some wrinkling on those, they won't be scratchy and the image quality is much better. They're also easier to apply since you don't need heat and they're more pliable.

**This product sent to me by OMG Nail Strips. This is my honest, unbiased review.

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