Swatch: Nails Inc's Leather Effects in Dalston

During a trip to Sephora to pick up my Beauty Insider Birthday gift, I picked up Nails Inc's Leather Effect polish in Dalston. The "effect" is basically a texturized, matte, leather-esque finish. If you're familiar with crackle polish, this works the same way. Paint it on like you would a regular polish and then wait for the polish to go to work to make itself all leathery.

It dries really fast (I put on 2 coats--no top coat!) and the color is definitely Spring/Summer appropriate. The bumpy texture isn't distracting like I thought it might be. It feels sort of rough, but not snag-your-clothes rough. I really like this polish! It's vivid, eye-catching, and feels like it's high-quality.

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