Velvet Nails

I'm so late to this style of nail art, but I missed it when it first "happened" and today I found some flocking powder on the cheap so I thought I'd give it a go.

I put a thin layer of pink on my velvet-inteded nail followed by a fast drying top coat. Immediately after applying the top coat I pressed my nail into a pile of flocking powder, shook off the excess, and gently pressed the powder into the polish while looking for bald spots to cover.

The end result is really cool! It's fuzzy and certainly looks interesting without being too outrageous. I know what you're thinking--No, it doesn't last that long (about 24 hours and then it starts to shed a bit) and yes, you can wash your hands without damaging the flocking (just don't aggressively wash the nail).

Has anyone tried to apply the flocking powder with nail glue instead of polish? I might try it and see if that's a bit more durable.

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