Born Pretty Store's Hot Pink + Black Lace Nail Wraps

The look of black lace overlay is pretty difficult to achieve with real lace… not to mention functionally difficult to wear (since it's so stiff and scratchy), so these hot pink with black lace overlay wraps from BornPrettyStore.com make getting that look incredibly easy. Just peel, file, and admire!

I was nervous about these wraps. They were thin (usually a sign of weak adhesive) and didn't appear to be made of anything pliable (like nail polish strips), so imagine my surprise when these went on nicely with minimal wrinkling! Was there some? Yes, but that's to be expected with almost all nail wraps. You can stretch these out a little bit to minimize wrinkles, but there is a point where the pattern will start to distort. Take a look at that color quality, too! It's so bold and bright and shiny to boot!

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Plus, they already offer fast, free worldwide shipping, so it's double awesome. Have a look around their store because you're going to find something really cool with a great price!

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