Lady Queen's Peacock Water Decals

I love peacocks. They're probably the most beautiful animal out there--especially with their richly colored feathers. I mean, how gorgeous! So when I saw that LadyQueen.com had nail art options for peacock lovers I jumped at the chance to get some water decals. There are a lot of peacock water decals, but I chose pattern C196 because it was the one most true-to-reality. These decals are beautifully opaque and yet very delicate. Be careful not to tear them! The silver lining to delicate decals is that it makes them super easy to clean up with a brush. The color on these is great and it sure beats gluing real feathers to your nails! The gold criss-cross ring comes from LadyQueen.com, too. So check it out if you need some trendy jewelry!

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**This product provided for review by LadyQueen.com

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