Lady Queen's Holographic Transfer Foil

I love holographic polishes, but great ones are SO hard to find. And often, when you find a good one, its counterparts in other colors aren't as good. What's a girl to do when she needs some uber-glittery nail art? Well LadyQueen.com's transparent holographic transfer foil (I used #XK-54) is the solution! Rubbing this transfer glitter sheet over your base polish makes any polish holographic. It's amazing! Use foil glue to achieve a clean transfer, or test your luck with tacky-wet polish… both can work! The gold criss-cross ring comes from LadyQueen.com, too. So check that out if you need some trendy jewelry!

This picture is a little out of focus to show maximum SPARKLE!
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**This product provided for review by LadyQueen.com

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