First Post, French Tips

Since this is my first venture into the nail blogging world, how about we start with older, poor quality, webcam pictures of my early nail art experiments?

(Yes, the pictures will suck for a while, but I've since switched to using my digital camera so stay tuned!)

Scene Stealer used as the pink base, Black to the Future as the black tips, both are Nicole by OPI with Seche Vite topcoat. You can't tell in this picture, but Black to the Future has purple and green microglitter that's super spacey. 

I use hole-punch reinforcement stickers (cut in half) as a guide for painting the tips. Sometimes you have to stretch them to make them match your natural nail line, but they're still highly effective. If you do use the stickers, pull them off about 30 seconds after you apply the polish so that the polish retains its shape, yet doesn't form a raised edge where the sticker was. Pull up and towards the tip to avoid smearing into the base color.

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