Konad m57: Fishnet

I LOVE the fishnet design on Konad's m57 plate. Everyone always double-takes when they see it because it's intricate, yet simple. Lady Gaga made her debut in "Just Dance" with Minx's fishnet, and I'm pretty sure it's safe to say it made waves in the nail art world and spawned many copy-cats.

My only complaint about this Konad plate is that I wish it was bigger. It fits fine on short to medium length, skinny nails, but on really long nails or wide nails (like thumbs) you don't get full coverage. This wouldn't be bad if you could expand it on your own, like with some crafty use of the leopard print, but it's almost impossible to match up the lines to extend the fishnet.

My first attempt at this Konad, the yellow base is Lemon Fizz and the fishnet is Grape Pop, both by China Glaze (Spring 2010, "Up & Away"). Grape Pop was probably not the best choice for the fishnet because it isn't thick enough to get consistent lines.

This is probably one of my favorite manicures I've ever done. EVER. The base is Tickle My France-y by OPI, and the fishnet is CM Nail Art's black. I love the combination of nude and black, it's so subtle and unusually gorgeous. The use of a nail art specific polish was a much better choice for the fishnet because it resulted in smooth and consistent lines due to the thickness of this type of polish.

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