Hello Kitty

Everyone who knows me know that I am pretty much obsessed with Hello Kitty. I love the pop art style that every HK variation has, but for this manicure I stuck with the traditional Hello Kitty.

MAC's Vestral White (from the Hello Kitty collection, of course), with CM Nail Art's black and yellow for the mouth, whiskers, and eyes and Swarovski #5 rhinestones in Rose (Seche Vite top coat).

To apply the rhinestones, wait until your last coat of your base color is about halfway dry (still tacky) and push them into it until the edges of the bottom of the rhinestone is no longer exposed. Apply a topcoat to seal it in.

A common problem with HK manicures I've seen in the past is the shape of the eyes and nose and placement of the whiskers. Often you just seen round dots for both, and therefore they look wonky and generic. In reality, the eyes are vertical ovals and the nose is a horizontal oval. The top whisker is placed near the top of the eye line or even above it sometimes. Hello Kitty does not have the face of a typical cat--she's a work of art, folks!

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