Yellow → Orange Gradient

I had been wanting to do a gradient for a while, but thought I never really had any sheer colors to make that happen until I saw another blogger using one of Butter London's three Jelly colors, one of which was already sitting in my cabinet (a total "duh" moment).

Please ignore the worn-out mani rough edges and not-so-granient-y pinky!

China Glaze's Lemon Fizz (bottom coat closest to the cuticle) & Happy Go Lucky (darker yellow), with 3 partial coats of Butter London's Chuffed. I tried this mani once without Lemon Fizz, and it didn't have the dramatic effect I wanted it to have, so it is possible to use only 2 different polishes.

Your first coat should be the lightest color which you paint your whole nail with. Your second lightest color should start where just a little of your first coat shows. Paint all the way down the nail, not just a stripe. Continue that pattern until you've reached the tip. Top it off with a clear coat to blend them all together (my picture is not a good example of that). This all takes a while, so be prepared to block out some time!


  1. wow!! i love this so much and am dieing to have a go! this is my favourite of all of yours i think. really magic!!

  2. Aww thanks! If you love the picture then you're really going to love it in person when you do it!